I’m so lame, I just want everyone to know that


deaf iranian girl who wears rather large, beautiful rings to punch the people who disrespect her


if ubisoft cant animate lady characters then i expect the next assassins creed game to be all men. completely male dominated. not a single woman in the entire game. all npcs, side characters, background characters: every single one of them is a dude. and theyre all gay. all of them. the game must be 80+ hours of playable gay porn.

plot twist: an actual teenager would play the role of a teenager in a movie
2 Types of Smutty Fanfict


  1. 32 chapter fanfict with actual plot before any frick frack happens
  2. one-shot where the characters are at some public place and then all of a sudden someone’s dick is in someone’s ass

there is no inbetween


It’s happend